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Quality Control

We carry out regular controls on all the DCM cells output with the following instruments:

  • Spectrometer to check AL-Alloy chemical analysis
  • X-Ray and Tomography (digital panel - spot definition 0,2x0,2 mm)
  • 3D - CMM measuring machines
  • Roughness test
  • Surface measuring machines (Texture and profiles)
  • Durometer HRc HB
  • Dedicated control tools (i.e Air/Air bench test / Air water bench test)
  • Profile reader

The Die casting shop production controls is supported by an integrated XRP system which monitors the following data:

  • Production volumes
  • DCM cells Workload & Scheduling
  • Work in Progress
  • Claim Management of internal/external no-conformities
  • Batch Traciability via bar-code system and matrix code
  • Tools Maintenance Scheduling
  • Auxiliary & Plant Maintanance Management
  • Warehouse and logistics management

Turnkey DCM’s cells are provided with the following auxiliaries equipment:

  • SPC software
  • Shot control parameters
  • Laser scan Mhira 3D
  • IF thermography (mobile unit)
  • Lubrosprayer
  • Thermal Control Units
  • Vacuum unit
  • Robots for Handling & Deburring
  • Trimming tool
  • Marking unit
  • Various dedicated bench test unit